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Download "Legends Never Die" for just 50 cents!

Legends Never Die - Single (12/20/2019)

SKU: US92U1901347
Excluding Sales Tax
  • We realize everyone streams music these days, but when you  download our music, it shows the industry that we are actually selling our music.  To give you an idea of how the charts and industry works (as best as we could figure from our research):


    • 10 digital track sales from an album = 1 album sale
    • 1,500 on-demand song streams = 1 album sale


    Not to mention that last trip you took...down the backroads...with no service...sure would've been nice to have some good country music downloaded on your phone, ha!


    So please, by all means, keep on streaming JKB's music and adding us to your playlist...but please also consider downloading a single that will only add 50 cents to your cart total today!


    We couldn't do what we do without YOU! 


    Thank You!

    Justin Kemp Band

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