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Download JKB's first album, "My 2 Cents", for just $5! Includes:

  • Don't Let Me Go
  • Still Breathin'
  • Makin' Me Fall In Love
  • Reason To Live
  • So Called Love
  • Angel In My Arms
  • You And Me
  • Hobbs America

My 2 Cents - Album (04/21/2017)

SKU: 662582730029
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  • We realize everyone streams music these days, but downloading our singles also helps the industry see that we are actually selling our music. 

    Not to mention that last trip you took...down the backroads...with no service...sure would've been nice to have some good country music download on your phone, ha!

    Please consider downloading JKB's "My 2 Cents" album and only add $5.00 to your cart total today. 

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